A small country located in South Asia, situated between Tibet to the north and India to the south. A population of about 750,000 with the Himalayas in the north and subtropical in the south.
Primarily a Buddhist country very similiar to Tibet. The person responsible for bringing Buddhism to Tibet, Padmasambhava, also spread the teachings to Bhutan and is considered the founder of their Buddhist practice.
When I asked our guide what the difference was between the Buddhism in Tibet compared to that in Bhutan he said "...the only difference is the color of our hats." 
Bhutan is very strict about their tourism, you need a guide and a planned itinerary before entering. The people are amazingly friendly and kind. Instead of GNP they have GNH, gross national happiness. This was evident through the country, they refused tips, instead they wanted to know if we were happy. A beautiful secluded country with very kind and generous people.

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